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Extremely light and stable, the Loftsails Airscape 2022 is a dual-purpose design that delivers explosive freestyle and super-easy freeride foiling.

As a freestyle sail, Airscape goes neutral on demand and can be powered up rapidly. This is aided by a Dacron luff panel and specific design parameters.

With its dual Dacron head panels, 2 mil tri-axial upper body and triple reinforced foot, the Airscape is ultra-light and can cope with the demands of radical freestyle moves.

For 2022, new leech outlines and a narrowed head width take the maneuverability of Airscape to a higher level.

The same qualities that make Airscape a great freestyle sail perfectly translate into exceptionally easy and stable freeride foil performance. The high aspect ratio balances the low drag hydrofoil underneath.

For 2022, the smaller frame of the Airscape design complements the Skyscape’s range of bigger sizes.

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