Anti-Weed Lessacher Weed Blade G10 32 cm Power Box


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Our newest weapon to dodge the “evil green”. We again teamed-up with ?Mr. Weed-Slasher? – Wolfgang Lessacher – and created a lethal anti-weed line for spots infested with weed. The stiff G10 ‘asymmetrical’ profile?s a true power house, giving ideal lift characteristics for maximum speed and enjoyment.As the former FWD model this latest version has the leading edge moved slightly forward for even better performance of this already very successful range of Anti-Weed fins. The Weed Blade will benefit additional those who are looking for “normal” fin behaviour while being capable of higher speeds compared to it’s FWD predecessor. Very important: choose this fin 8-10 cm. shorter than you?d normally use for the best experience.