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Carbon ELITE Monocoque Boom


Carbon ELITE Monocoque 160-220

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Elite carbon booms are custom manufactured from the highest grade pre-preg carbon. These designs are targeted at the professional user searching for the greatest stiffness and lightest weight.Short 140 model has the thinnest grip diameter in the range and a narrow profile to better suit compact sail profiles found in Bump & Jump and Wave sails. Sizes 190 and 220 are fitted with larger diameter outside tails that minimizes the back-end swing weight and keep the rig under better control. Those tails have a wider outline to work better with modern race sails and not distort their profiles. All Elite carbon booms feature the all-new “Configure Me” Modular Boom Head to fully benefit from the advantages of a modular boom system. The modular boom head fits all “Configure Me” Boom Bodies. Swapping the boom head is effortless and takes seconds – no tools required. For example: with 1 boom head, 3 boom bodies and 1 tail you have 3 high-performance booms of different sizes. This makes the most of your available budget, storage space, baggage allowance. Be part of the future! Enjoy light weight and top-notch performance. Benefit from “Configure Me” modular options to combine, renew and upgrade components as required.

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