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Carbon HD Monocoque Outside Extra Wide Tail


Carbon HD Monocoque 220-270 Outside Wide Tail

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Using an HD (Heavy Duty) 70% pre-preg carbon lay-up gives the tail a superb ratio between stiffness, durability and price. The boom tail outhaul system accepts Loop-to-Loop for rapid rigging or can be set up with the pulleys and an outhaul kit of your choice. The extra-wide tail is designed to fit modern race sails without distorting the sail profile.Features the all-new “Configure Me” Modular Boom Head. Benefit from the advantages of our modular boom system. The modular boom head fits all “Configure Me” Boom Bodies. Swapping the boom head is effortless and takes seconds – no tools required. For example: with 1 boom head, 3 boom bodies and 1 tail you have 3 high-performance booms of different sizes. This makes the most of your available budget, storage space, baggage allowance.Be part of the future! Enjoy light weight and absolute performance. Benefit from “Configure Me” modular options to combine, renew and upgrade components as required.

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