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PLKB Hook V3


PLKB Hook V3

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The all new Hook V3 will bring you to new heights. The key of going to new heights is massive depower, higher flying speed and a super steady kite in stormy conditions. That?s when you?re able to take up a size bigger and keep your edge longer. Pulling on the bar should give you a massive boost to shoot you right in the sky.

With the new Hook, we achieved just this. The best part of it is that you get a kite that is super comfortable to ride with a huge wind range. It?s quick and playful through its turns and perfect for most conditions.

Every size has a unique design. In the bigger picture, the sizes below 10 meter are made for stronger winds while the 10m and up are made for a bit less wind creating more lift with lower speed. As a plane, lift is generated by wing profile and speed. Bigger kites have less speed than smaller kites and therefore require a different wing profile and shape to get more height.

The new Hook is a playful ride to cruise around, jump high and enjoy the view.

Never Stop going higher

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