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The Purelip is pure wave performance: impressive stability with enormous wind range.

With its pedigree of more than 20 years of refinement, the Purelip continues to improve on balance, stability, and ease of use.

The Purelip feels faster and more compact as a result of its higher aspect ratio. The increase in mast length is compensated for by the switch to a closed sleeve head which replaces the mast top plug fitting used previously.

Intended for wave and high-wind bump & jump use, Purelip features full x-ply layout, double Dacron head panels and triple reinforced foot and leech edges.

In wave riding conditions the power shifts experienced by the sail can be enormous. To stabilize the profile of the sail and extend Purelip?s wind range dual radials trace from the clew into the sail body.

The leech has a revised outline and has been extended at the third batten to induce smooth, more reactive power release during wave riding transitions.

For top-end stability and reliability in demanding conditions – and ultimate bump & jump performance – the Purelip is epic.

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