Raceboardblade LW II


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Raceboard competition most closely reflects classic sail racing: upwind starts, mark roundings, tactics based on wind shifts, and – as always – a premium on speed. Loftsails roots run deep in the raceboard class, and our raceboard team could not be stronger.

Joao Rodriguez, Curro Manchon and Patrik Pollak are clear about what is needed to win. Numerous national, European and World championship podiums have been occupied by these three raceboard legends. The Loftsails Raceboard development team continues to deliver the results.

The Raceboardblade LW (light wind) was initially designed for low wind raceboard competition. However, testing and competition results revealed that the LW is also efficient and effective when winds rise.

Built on a 5-battens, 3-cam frame, the design is light, yet robust.

Raceboardblade LW possesses an extreme trim sensitivity. With a firm tension, these sails easily reach the upper end. At the opposite end of their trim range blistering low wind performance is achieved. Special cam straps keep the TekCams in place over the whole trim range.

The RBB LW has arguably the largest effective wind range for top raceboard competition!

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