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Racingblade is the epitome of Loftsails’ non-stop evolution.

As uncompromising slalom-competition designs, Racingblades are recognized for their blistering acceleration and top speed.

The previous model had already benefitted from an increased forward-oriented drive. The 2022 version has a slightly less low body profile and a higher aspect ratio to take top speed up yet another step.

The new Racingblade continues its development with further attention to the distribution of vertical curves and luff shape. On the racecourse, these developments translate into quicker acceleration off the mark and out of the gybes.

The Racingblade’s efficient airflow is achieved by a uniquely constructed ultra-low drag mast pocket. Each of its three layers are tensioned by the tack pulley webbing, inducing a clean and firm leading edge.

Sail profile is greatly stabilized by the introduction of new batten profiles. Unfazed by even the strongest gusts, the sail transforms wind into blistering speed, and exhausts excess power off a finely tuned leech.

TekCam II camber inducers shift smoothly to give easy rotation. Metallic Cam Interfaces eliminate degradation at the cambers’ contact points.

Racingblade sizes 8.4 and smaller are compatible with SDM and RDM masts.

For the first time, Racingblade is produced entirely free of monofilm materials.

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