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Skyblade Green 2022

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Since its inception, the Skyblade was envisioned as a cutting-edge design for the newly emerging discipline of competitive foil racing.

When in flight, foils generate minimal drag when compared to a fin setup. To be matched with the resulting forces, Skyblade adopts a higher aspect ratio and a reduced leech. To achieve a more aggressive high aspect, head width has been reduced. The loss of sail area is compensated for by increased luff length.

To improve acceleration, the vertical shapes and luff curves have been redistributed to achieve a higher, more forward-oriented drive.

Lower body profiles and fine-tuning of leech release values have reduced back hand pressure. With more control, riders can stay sheeted in even when hit by violent gusts.

Boom length has been further shortened to increase the aspect ratio and reduce sail profile movement. When combined with a reduced leech and a rigid 7-batten, 4-cam frame the outcome is a super-stable foiling machine.

To increase longevity and UV-resistance, Skyblade is produced entirely of monofilm-free materials.

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