Slalom 720 Foil


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A high-performance full carbon foil package designed for strong wind racing.The mast is produced using T700 carbon fiber composites making it stiff, durable and very light. The fuselage has a slightly larger diameter to further maintain the stiffness and reduce flex between the parts.Anhedral 720 cm2 front wing shape minimizes cavitation for a more predictable and comfortable flight. The profile is optimized for slalom speed in top-flight foil racing.?Tail wing angle can be adjusted on the beach or even in the water, which is critical to race performance. No spacers are needed. Slalom 720 foil components are assembled with 8mm countersunk hex-head stainless screws. All are super strong and resist both mechanical damage and corrosion.All Loftsails foil sets can be customized with a wide range of interchangeable front wings, fuselages, tail wings and foil masts for a tailored, fine-tuned experience.

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