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Team Edition C100 SDM


Team Edition C100 SDM 370 with Mastbag

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Loftsails Team Edition masts are focused on achieving the best possible response for the least possible weight, without compromising durability. In high-performance sails, reaction and reflex are critical and having that pre-set, intended behavior pre-set and consistently replicated in all diameters and sizes of the mast program is the number one requirement in complementing their test-winning sails. Using the best possible T700 and T800 carbon fibers and pre-preg (pre-impregnated with resin for the best possible quality vs. traditional wet layup processes) methods, Loftsails autoclave-cured process delivers the highest standard of tensile strength, impact/friction protection and responsive flex available ? all from a bespoke, dedicated program ? unlike many brands that rely on off-the-shelf OEM products alone.

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