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Wavescape 3.7 2022

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Powerful going out, but quick and agile coming back in, the 4-batten Wavescape is the ultimate Loftsails design for fluid wave expression!

Wavescape design is revised with higher aspect ratios that allow shorter boom lengths. Coupled with a reduced head width, the sail has a more compact feel and superb handling in sideshore and onshore wave riding conditions. The Wavescape reactivity is further improved by the new leech extension at the batten above the boom.

Dual radials trace from the clew into the body, stabilizing the profile under load and extending the design?s already impressing wind range. Even in nuking conditions, the Wavescape keeps delivering high-end performance and control.

For survival in gnarly conditions, Wavescape is constructed with full x-ply layout, dual Dacron head panels and triple reinforcements in the foot and leech edges.

Offering light, soft, neutral handing for down the line wave riding, the Wavescape is the ideal design for the most demanding wave enthusiast.

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