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Canoe Thessaloniki. Canoes are professionally used for transport of people and materials all over the world. Besides canoes are widely used for pleasure racing, whitewater canoeing, touring and camping, freestyle, and general recreation. Ιn our canoe adventure trips we will paddle the clear waters of the Aegean Sea, relax on deserted beaches, explore the remote, unique and spectacular coastline. We have a selection of single and tandem (double seat) sit on top canoes which are ideal for families, couples and friends. These trips are designed for people with little or no previous experience, but for more experienced kayakers as well, our canoe tours are the ultimate in “soft adventure”.

Canoeing is often confused with kayaking, another enjoyable paddling activity. In order to avoid any confusion, we decided to first discuss the two main differences that exist between a kayak and a canoe, being the position of the person(s) paddling and the raft itself. First, canoeist, often in pairs, bend their knees. Paddlers have the option of knelling and or sitting on benches that run across the beam of the craft. Second, canoes are usually open-top boats, often designed to seat two or sometimes three people with a one-bladed paddle whereas kayaking is done from a sunken, seated position with a double-bladed paddle and usually with a “spray deck” to keep the water out of the cockpit. In other words, a canoe is open whereas a kayak is enclosed

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