Windsurfing in Thessaloniki ? YES !!! beginners lessons with the expert instructors of Active sport club and learn how to windsurf in the waters of Angelochori ,25 khm from the city center by bus or by car and only 15 minutes from Macedonia airport .
It doesn’t matter if you have tried windsurfing before or not. At Active sport Club watersports you will become the rider you’re aiming for. With a one 2 one tuition, you will have your instructor all by yourself to get confident and learn how to use the sail and how to control the sail and the board. All the lessons are perfectly designed and cut depending on the student’s needs.

Tandem windsurfing is A LOT of fun…have you ever tried it? If not, why not?

Here’s five reasons why you should at Active sport CLUB watersports!!!

1.Windsurfing can be lonely. 

Getting out on the water on your own, away from everything else maybe one of the great things about windsurfing. But sometimes it’s a whole lot more fun with someone else. Blasting next to your mate and trying to beat them around a gybe, sharing a wave or showing off your latest freestyle tricks whilst you cheer each other on, it’s all part of the fun. Tandem sailing brings you even closer, you will never laugh as much windsurfing as you will do on a tandem. Guaranteed.

2.Improve your skills.

Tandem sailing may look easy, and whilst it’s relatively simple, things like the corners can get a little tricky! You have to be in total sync with the other rider, and if you’re on bigger sails flipping the rig for a gybe or tacking the traditional way becomes a whole new skill. One after the other, duck gybes, heli tacks and more will all come into play.

3.Spice up lighter wind days.

If you’re lacking enthusiasm for another lighter wind blasting day jumping on a tandem instead could be the answer. Hire a board, blast up the coast, explore the lake, even have a picnic, it’s all possible on these big boards.

4.Fun for all the family. 

A tandem is A LOT of fun for the kids too. If you have a lighter/younger rider that’s loving windsurfing and going faster, get them on the front, get planing and they will love it! Lighter riders especially will find it tricky to keep the front of the board down, but that’s not a bad thing, it just adds to the craziness and enjoyment of the ride!

5.Beginners can blast.

If you know someone that’s just learning to windsurf why not take them out on a tandem in lighter winds? It maybe a little harder than a traditional board to learn on, and of course turning will probably be impossible so make sure you’re in safe surroundings, but someone new to the sport will love the buzz of getting up and going, and some may even prefer having someone else just there to guide them through. We would recommend that the ‘beginner’ has windsurfed a little before, let’s not totally chuck them in the deep end!

SO RENT a Tandem windsurf board at Active sport CLUB watersports!!!

The Spot

There is so much beauty, experiences and adventure in Thessaloniki that it can be hard to know where to start if you are a visitor to the city this summer!
Thessaloniki is the paradise of windsurfing , kitesurfing , canoe , snorkeling and SUP . The beach of Angelohori is one of the best beaches in Northen Greece covering almost all needs of watersports lovers.
Angelochori a special place where nature and man exist in harmony.
The spot is ideal for windsurfing with low water level and sandy beache. From May to September you can expect thermal winds up to 18 knots with flat warm waters.

About the Coach

SIMOS NALMPANTOGLOU is a Sailing Coach , specializatied in Windsurf, from the Greek General Secretariat of Sports . He also graduated from the German School “WORLD WINDSURF SCHOOL” B / II – Lizenz and obtained a degree in International Windsurf Instructor – Manager for Inland and Coastal Waters in Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria, and gained the right to issue International Diplomas . He is certified in Sports Sciences as Athletic Pedagogic Specialist & Psychology . He is also a BSUPA SUP Instructor.

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