Just Like Flying on the Water! Hydrofoil Windsurfing is a mast to try. 

Windsurf foil is a true revolution, offering a whole new dimension to the sport. Are you tempted ? Do you want to fly over the water at high speed with only 7-10 knots of wind?  You are not the only one!

Just Like Flying on the Water! Hydrofoil Windsurfing is a mast to try.

Windsurf foiling  is a surface water sport that is the hydro foiling evolution of windsurfing, as well as typical sailing boats and sailing hydrofoils. It uses similar equipment to windsurfing with a normal or slightly evolved rig on a normal or specialist foil board. Wind foiling allows the individual to FLY over 60 – 90 cm  above the water on a hydrofoil fin and a windsurf board.

How it works?

The board has a hydrofoil mounted in the fin box. The hydrofoil lifts the board off the water and enables the rider to achieve improved speeds in light winds due to the reduced drag.

The foil transmits a hydrodynamic lift force to the board, capable of lifting it out of the water. The goal is to reduce drag and increase performance.

Is it Olympic game?

With respect to Olympic events, windsurfing FOIL now is. As an advanced form of windsurfing, windfoiling is planned as a new Olympic event for 2024 (the fourth of 10 to use foiling equipment).[2] It is being tested for safety, security, and broadcast appeal to be debuted just in time for 2024 Summer Olympics. in Paris France.

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