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Rentals & Lessons

Windsurfing in Thessaloniki ? YES !!! beginners lessons with the expert instructors of Active sport club and learn how to windsurf in the waters of Angelochori ,25 khm from the city center by bus or by car and only 15 minutes from Macedonia airport .
It doesn’t matter if you have tried windsurfing before or not. At Active sport Club watersports you will become the rider you’re aiming for. With a one 2 one tuition, you will have your instructor all by yourself to get confident and learn how to use the sail and how to control the sail and the board. All the lessons are perfectly designed and cut depending on the student’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if you have tried windsurfing before or not. At Active sport Club watersports you will become the rider you’re aiming for.

The Spot

There is so much beauty, experiences and adventure in Thessaloniki that it can be hard to know where to start if you are a visitor to the city this summer!
Thessaloniki is the paradise of windsurfing , kitesurfing , canoe , snorkeling and SUP . The beach of Angelohori is one of the best beaches in Northen Greece covering almost all needs of watersports lovers.
Angelochori a special place where nature and man exist in harmony.
The spot is ideal for windsurfing with low water level and sandy beache. From May to September you can expect thermal winds up to 18 knots with flat warm waters.

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons

The Full Beginners Windsurfing Course will give you all the skills & knowledge needed to enjoy windsurfing. The adults course is taken in 4 x 2 hour beginners  windsurfing lessons, everything you need is included in the price and after you will be qualified enough to then hire kit and practice the basics for a while. The first 2 hour  Session will give you the basics needed to get up & windsurfing!

Learn to windsurf in no time with our personalized windsurfing tuition in the Central Macedonia  Greece No. 1 learning environment, Angelochori bay.


Why Learn To Windsurf?

Learn on windsurfing courses with us at Active sport Club watersports Windsurfing to…

  • Learn a new sport
  • Build your fitness
  • Socialize
  • Have a laugh
  • Work on your tan
  • Feel great about yourself

The best tuition at competitive prices!

We take pride in being an independent windsurf school that can offer small group tuition to a very high teaching standard, with lots of time for each student. Our business is built largely on word of mouth & repeat students who love their first beginners lessons and keep coming back to us, using our windsurf hire scheme to practice the basics and then taking more lessons to move up through the various levels of windsurfing.


What You Will Learn

You start your Beginners Windsurfing Lessons with a dry land simulator session to run through the basics & gain ‘muscle memory’ ready for when you are trying to re-create the moves out on the water.

The Taster Windsurfing Lesson starts with learning the names of some essential equipment component parts, what they do & how to carry everything safely in the wind. You learn how to get up & balanced on the board into a ‘start position’, make a 180 degree turn, how to get into a ‘sailing position’ & even touch on a little bit of steering. This course gets you up & going, having fun windsurfing back & forth!

The Full Beginners Windsurfing Course builds on the basics to give you the complete set of skills needed to be safe enough out there on your own. You start with a refresher of the basics, including how to steer around your fellow windsurfers & eliminate sideways drift, then you move on to learn how to windsurf towards the wind with a faster turn called a ‘tack’. Next is how to sail away from the wind & do a turn called a ‘gybe’. Combining all these new skills we teach you how to navigate your way from any point A to any point B, giving you the confidence that you can get yourself back to any starting point. During your beginners windsurfing lessons we also cover how to assemble the windsurfing equipment so you are self sufficient.


What Is Included In the Price

  • New Equipment
  • Wetsuits if need it
  • On-land simulator Session
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Small groups
  • Wetsuit Shoes
  • Safe & Shallow water
  • Beachfront Shower
  • Dedicated & Independant Windsurf School
  • Over 25 years teaching experience


Improvers Windsurfing Lessons

Our improvers windsurfing lessons Active sport Club watersports take you to the next level. With personalized windsurfing tuition using the latest equipment, you will learn faster turns, control in higher winds, beach starts, using harness lines, footstraps and getting your board planing! On these windsurfing courses you will also learn how to fine tune your light wind skills & how best to setup your equipment.

Fast progression

Once you have mastered the basics on one of our beginners windsurfing courses & had some windsurf hire time on the water practicing, we can introduce the skills to take you to the next level of windsurfing.

The combination of our small group or 1 to 1 windsurfing tuition & the location of Angelochori bay give the perfect environment for rapid progression. After these windsurf lessons you will make effortless beach starts, hook into the harness lines, slip into the footstraps & sail away planing!


At Active sport Club watersports , we can really accelerate your learning curve. By breaking the learning process down into easily digestible modules you will be able to focus on each element needed to become a competent windsurfer.

Advanced Windsurfing Lessons

Our advanced windsurfing lessons in Active sport Club watersports  will step your windsurfing skills up to a new level. With personalized 1 to 1 windsurfing tuition which is always with the same experienced instructors, we can help you crack those elusive carve gybes, make your first water starts or enter into the world of water start !!!

Video Coaching & Feedback Sessions


With high speed turns such as carve gybes and the latest freestyle moves we can offer video coaching for some of the session. When moves happen so quickly, it is very useful to be able to record the action ready for analysis both on the spot and once back on land.

The difference between thinking you know what your body position / timing is like and actually seeing it live can be a real eye opener. We can break the move down, show you where you are going wrong and give you clear & visual pointers as to how to correct it.


Muscle Memory – Simulation & Light Wind Practice

A massive misconception is that it has to be blowing a gale to learn these advanced moves. In fact, learning is most quickly achieved with advanced windsurfing lessons taken in the following way… Ashore, using a simulator to take your body through the exact movements needed to master a move. This is the clearest, most practical way of learning any physical action and for understanding the dynamics & timing of a move. Slow motion, using big boards & small rigs to practice the move at half speed and let the instructor sail alongside to give instant feedback. These sessions are just as important as the ones in planing winds!

About the Coach

SIMOS NALMPANTOGLOU is a Sailing Coach , specializatied in Windsurf, from the Greek General Secretariat of Sports . He also graduated from the German School “WORLD WINDSURF SCHOOL” B / II – Lizenz and obtained a degree in International Windsurf Instructor – Manager for Inland and Coastal Waters in Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria, and gained the right to issue International Diplomas . He is certified in Sports Sciences as Athletic Pedagogic Specialist & Psychology . He is also a BSUPA SUP Instructor.

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