Boardbag Pro Luxury Foil 230 x 90 – Discounted


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Our best-selling Boarbag Luxury is now tailored for windfoil boards. Windfoil boards are typically much wider than most windsurf boards. And the unique fin slot creates the possibility to put your board into the boardbag with the foil still attached. The zipper-closed pocket allows to store your screws and tools so that you always have them nearby.

***Close Out B-choice Product: measurements do not correspond with typical board size***

Due to a factory mistake, the current Foil Pro Luxury Boardbags can fit boards only under the following estimated dimensions:

Production Dimensions // Second Choice Dimenions (target board size)

230 x 70 cm // 230 x 65 cm
230 x 80 cm // 230 x 75 cm
230 x 90 cm // 230 x 85 cm