GA-Foil 2023 CARBON WindsurfFoil Set Mach 1 w FRONTWING


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GA Foils Mach1 Windsurf Foil Set 2023

Lift your foiling to the next level with the premium Mach1 Windsurf Foil Set. If you are looking for prime performance, agility and a top-class construction in one package, the Mach1 is the right choice for you. An incredibly stiff and light 90cm carbon mast is pre-set with an integrated Deep Tuttle adapter for enhanced rigidity at the connection point to your board. The 90cm CNC milled aluminium fuselage offers a great mix of stability, controllability and speed potential as well as compatibility with various front wings. No matter if you’re looking for maximum speed, lift or comfort, you can adjust the foil with a large assortment of tuning parts to achieve exactly the right setup for your demands and the conditions you’re foiling in.

Each Foil Set from the GA Foils collection can be adjusted to your demands thanks to the wide range of interchangeable spare parts. This allows you to tune your basic set for different conditions, riding styles and skill levels without having to replace the complete foil. Just change the front wing, fuselage, mast or box adapter according to your requirements and enjoy the new characteristics of your foil.
A wide range of different front wings provides riders of different skill levels and weights with exactly the right setup for various conditions. The FREE front wings in 2500cm², 2000cm², 1500cm², 1200cm² and 900cm² impress with a fine mixture of comfort, performance and lift, while the HP front wings in 1750cm², 1450cm² and 1150cm² aim at highest performance and speed with their higher aspect ratio. All FREE and HP front wings are compatible both with the Hybrid and the Mach 1 Foil Set.
Fin box adapters are integrated into the Mach1 masts, which leads to outstanding stiffness of the whole foil setup. The Wing Foil Set features a Double US Plate and the Windsurf Foil Set a Deep Tuttle adapter.
The 90cm Mach1 mast is made of prepreg high modulus carbon fiber of the highest quality to ensure performance and durability. With its incredible rigidity the mast provides superb control and a direct feeling for the foil setup.
The CNC milled aluminium fuselage of the Mach1 provides a solid connection to the compatible carbon masts and is available in 72cm, 85cm and 90cm. With the 90cm fuselage the Mach1 Foil is perfectly suited for foiling with a windsurfing sail. The 85cm version makes the first steps into wingfoiling extremely easy and offers comfort and stability, while the 72cm aims at highest agility for pumping and manouevre-oriented wingfoiling.

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