Impulse Allround Wing Foil Trainer 7’8 (FCD) With Leash


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Impulse 7’8 is a board dedicated to new arrivals in the world of winging.

Stable and incredibly forgiving, the board setup can be adjusted to match the rider’s progress, allowing for the core skills to be mastered one at a time.

Getting on to the board is the first challenge facing beginners. The Impulse is only 12 cm thick, making it easy to climb aboard even in deep water. An EVA pad with diamond and directional grooves provides the necessary grip and traction, and rider comfort on deck.

Whether the rider is sitting or standing on the board, the inflatable construction and generous volume give Impulse excellent stability.

The ride starts with a three-fin setup, with one fin at the back and two centre fins in the middle. The drag is minimal, and the board can maintain its course. This allows the rider to master wing controls and learn how to interact with the wind.

When it is time for the first real flight, the fins are swapped for a foil setup. Lift-off is smooth and very gentle due to both the board length and the sharp PVC rail edge running around the entire tail area.

As with the other Impulse boards, the 7’8 is built around the long Carbon Composite Skeleton Plate, located directly under rider’s feet.

Combining the Skeleton Plate with a Fusion Composite Dropstitch construction achieves a level of stiffness that is comparable to composite boards.

In flight, Impulse 7’8 remains stable and forgiving. A wide margin for error allows riders to safely practice take-offs, pumping, and tacking manoeuvres.

The board features a baseplate insert meaning that it can also be used as a windfoiling board.

Impulse 7’8 is an ideal board to experience the excitement of flying, and to develop mastery of basic skills, before later moving on to a smaller board.