Raceboard Proteus II 378 Carbon Including Boardbag w/o Fin


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Unleash the thrill of racing or indulge in the pure freedom of windsurfing, anytime and anywhere your heart desires.

?rafted by Marcos Ruesch from Argentina, the Proteus II Raceboard shape offers an unrivaled performance on any racecourse. Its generous volume guarantees exceptional stability, accommodating a variety of conditions and body weights. Despite its size, the carbon hull construction provides an optimal weight-to-volume ratio, ensuring a responsive and lightweight experience. Whether you’re gliding over mirror-flat waters or challenging choppy conditions, the board’s construction delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

The elongated mast track allows for six sail positions, offering versatility in different wind strengths and angles. The lower three positions are ideal for downwind courses or reaching in stronger winds, while the upper three positions optimize performance when reaching in lighter winds or going upwind.

Adding to its impressive features, the Proteus II boasts a remarkable Pivot System. This innovative design allows you to adjust the effective length and angles of the carbon daggerboard, enabling you to fine-tune the board’s behavior according to specific wind and water conditions.